Wow. What a journey we’ve had. From violently disconnected sex all the way to blissful connection. How can we top that? Throughout this journey, the common thread has been, simply put, the process of becoming more and more conscious of what is happening to our sexual energy and owning it. Being authentic about it. Voicing it. And taking care of it. The more we go up the spectrum, the more we clear our inner blocks. The more we reach high vibrational relationships and sex. It’s a universal law. It just goes hand in hand.

So, here is the last Shade on the Fifty Shades of Connection spectrum. Reaching the big “O”, not so much as in Orgasm as we typically think of it, but as in becoming the “One”.



When eros, love, and sexuality finally fuse together, it brings you down the path of self-discovery. The love keeps on wanting to dig deeper into depth while the life forces that channel through you deeply work on you, unlodging what needs purification. The process you’ve entered is a very deep transformational process: it is the alchemy of your soul.

If either you or your partner gets stuck, shuts down, the relationship crumbles or stagnates. But if both of you are deeply committed to this path of self-discovery and growth, your connection and development just take leaps and bounds. Your connection expands beyond the physical, the emotional and the intellectual. You now deeply connect on a spiritual level as well.


A new level of learning:

When you’ve achieved a connection on all these levels, it produces a feeling of the ultimate connection: Union. Feeling such levels of transcendence with another person brings you to a place of wanting to form a new model of marriage. A marriage that requires new levels of inner commitment, mutuality, and consciousness. In her book Creating Union, Eva Pierrakos gives the road map for such a union:

“The new marriage is totally open and transparent. There are no secrets whatever. The soul-processes of the partners are totally shared. This openness and transparency has to be learned. It is a path within a path, as it were. Expose your difficulty in achieving this openness, rather than trying to deny or hide it. Part of the openness consists in revealing your fear of the strong spiritual current, of the forces released by the unification of your sexuality and your heart. When the fear is shared — even though you may be unable to shed it as yet — the obstructions will be eliminated relatively fast, and a kind of vibrant fulfillment will come from the sharing itself. (…) Being on a path of profound self-development and shedding light on the hidden parts of the self are prerequisites to fulfillment in an alive and vibrant relationship. When the vibrancy ebbs away, the causes need to be explored by both partners together. There may be any number of reasons for the stagnation, none of them necessarily bad or shameful. (…)

When all levels of the two personalities are open to each other, join, and finally fuse, the intensity and vibrancy of the sexual encounter will surpass anything you can at present imagine. The kind of fusion cannot come about easily. The fusion on all levels of the personality means the fusion of all energy bodies. This is rarely the case. You will come to know when the fusion exists only on the physical level, and when it happens on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. (…)

Bliss, ecstasy, pleasure supreme can never exist gratuitously, can never be cheaply snatched. They could not be born that way. They can be born only when the personality has reached sufficient purification, security, faith, self-knowledge, comprehension of the universe.”


High Voltage Sex:

In fact, it is important to know that if someone is not prepared for such voltage, people can actually flip out or meltdown if they experience such energy currents without the necessary preparation. It’s sort of like an overdose: the energy was too powerful for their system. It’s like trying to jump ahead without having the needed maturity, the right vessel to contain that level of power.

What is essential to remember is that, as Baljit Rayat had mentioned, “with sex all illusions fall” so you gotta be ready for it! This is why you need to grow into your full power as an individual to get to these levels of bliss.


The process of purification:

Those who reach states of enlightenment have achieved it through a long process of purification. Sometimes people chose to experience high levels of pain before shifting or shedding, before accepting to see the illusion they are in. Sometimes, it takes that since our attachment to things can be so great. Letting go of a delusion can feel like death.

Concurrently, blissful states of sex are made possible by a similar process. If you have found your way here, you are taking a shot of the fantastic elixir of enlightenment. You feel this blissful oneness.

Everything is One again: you, your partner, the universe, all become the generous “One”!


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 6.10.25 PM.png

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DarshanAlexanderPhotography2.jpgSo, what’s going on?  Well, some A-MAZING stuff has been going on. I’m right in the middle of my first Webinar series and Healing Intensive with a bunch of fantastic and courageous ladies in my series called The Art of Co-Creative Sex.

The truth is, tackling our issues takes a lot of courage. You have to be willing to “see” the truth. And sometimes, it just so happens that it’s the exact truths you’ve been avoiding your whole life. But does it ever feel good when you realize that shedding those illusions allows for a much MUCH more satisfying life.

The magic when you do.

When you do have the courage to get into those hidden places and release those stagnating energies, you make room for VITALITY. You make room for your sexual energy to start DANCING again! And we want it to be dancing. It impacts every single aspect of our life. Hell ya, we want it dancing!!!!

The participants have talked to me about crazy significant dreams, memories starting to surface and identifying the places that things have been locked away. They have mentioned connecting some important dots. A few tears. A few deep sighs of frustration. So we are getting the keys out and opening up the doors.

The truth is: this is a very powerful experience. And it’s not even finished yet.

If ever you missed this series, I’m launching another one in the Fall. Just give me a shout if you want to get on the list for the next round. 

Until then, if you are noticing things tugging at you from the inside, some suffocating stagnation overtaking you, I offer one-on-one programs were we can dive into your own Akashic Records and help you quantum leap your life ahead. Why linger any longer in different forms of “shite”— from subtle to not so subtle.

By investing in a  series of 5 sessions, our archeological dig of the soul gets that much deeper and profound. If you are ready for change, you will shed what no longer serves you and invite in the good and yummy life you can’t even come close to imagining right now!

Please note: Sometimes in the process, your environment has to adjust to the “new” you too! : ) Keep focussed on your expansion. “Be you and the world will adjust.” ; )


Looking forward to working with you,

Julie xxx

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Julie Archambault is a certified multi-dimensional healer in the Akashic Records. She is a master at creating a safe vessel for magical and deep healing to occur. The power she channels for your accelerated healing is profound and truly sacred.


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