Personal development meets porn-literate: the realities under the non-realities

FIFTY SHADES OF CONNEXION: Personal development meets porn-literate: the realities under the non-realities — Gunmetal grey. To begin with, I’d like to acknowledge that porn is one of those subjects that fire people up— either for or against. Like many subjects touching “sexuality”, how people chose to live out their sexuality is a huge emotional…Read more »

Pole Dancing Was The Secret To Unlocking My Spirituality: Here’s Why –

When I graduated from college and began my job search, I received some well-intentioned but misguided advice: To have a successful career, be “one of the guys.” Don’t wear dresses or skirts. No jewelry except for a watch. Whatever you do, don’t do anything girly. You won’t be taken seriously. I took this advice to…Read more »

Profile: Zoe Whittall’s timely new novel shows her to be a writer who defies easy categorization | Quill and Quire

I love it how novels allow us to explore all the various nuances and complications around situations that seem at first glance so easily categorized. It’s an art form that has empathy in its DNA.  J.x Sitting in her living room on a sun-lightened red couch, looking impeccably western cool in a faded jean jacket,…Read more »